Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bernina 830 to the Rescue

Hubby and I have been housebound for four days with the record ice storm that hit North Texas. I am probably the only person that was glad to be inside as hubby just came home after spending four days in the hospital with pneumonia.  Staying inside is good medicine, it is a slow recovery with pneumonia but he doing well.

Yesterday I wanted to sew something, nothing difficult, just a cut and sew project. I had seen the tutorial for the 3 hour Rag Quilt and thought it would be an excellent way to use some of my flannel stash.

After cutting the flannel and batting, marking, and pinning, I was ready to do some easy sewing.  I sewed about half way down on the first strip using the serpentine stitch and ------------- clunk!  The timing was out again on my Bernina Virtuoso 160.

Out came my old Bernina 830, my trusty machine that I bought in 1976, oh my gosh, thirty seven years ago and it's still running like a charm.  A little noisy but then it never was a quiet machine, I'm so glad I never got rid of it, they just don't make sewing machines like this anymore.

The last time I took my newer Bernina in for repairs they told me it was time to replace it.  I was really miffed but it has had seventeen years of sewing quilts, maybe it is time?  But for now my old 830 is just fine.

When I get the seams clipped, washed, and dried on my rag quilt, I will post a picture. It should be nice and cuddly.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life,


Terry said...

It's a good time to stay in and sew here too. I can't wait to see your rag quilt! :0)

Lori said...

I hope hubby is feeling better and your weather has warmed a little.
I was given the 830 recently but it is missing the foot pedal and electric cord! We know it is still in the house, just a matter of retrieving it.

Laurel said...

I still love my Bernina 830 as well. Yours is older for I purchased mine in 1981. It was on lay away for a time but I got it out in time to sew for my first baby girl born March 1982.

Sue said...

Hope your husband is feeling much better soon.
They just don't make things like they used to these days. Glad your managing with your old machine and looking forward to seeing your latest project.

Candace said...

I'm glad your hubby is on the mend, Betty Lou! We've both had pneumonia and it isn't at all nice! Gosh - I know people who would sell their soles for the old 830! The mechanical ones are really the best, aren't they!

lillianscupboard said...

So sorry to hear that your husband has been ill - hope he's doing a lot better by now. You're very lucky to have an old reliable machine in reserve. Also anxious to see your quilt.


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