Friday, February 28, 2014

Time for a Little Green

The winter holidays are over, now it is time to celebrate spring.  Mother Nature maybe delaying her start of spring here in Texas; our temps yesterday in the high 70's, this morning 27 degrees and going down.  The weatherman says this afternoon we will have freezing rain, with those temps I call it snow.  With one of the worst winters this country has experienced, I think we can all use a little spring in our homes.

I couldn't wait to get this table topper out and put it on my kitchen table.  Last year my dear friend Terry of Terry'sTreasures sent me this darling little mat.  Knowing that hubby was going through some health issues and I needed a little special hug, Terry sent me this topper.  Love the green ivy boarder on this mini, it just says spring to me no matter the temps outside.

In addition it was time to get out my own St. Patricks runner and to wish my my mother a St Patrick's Day Happy Birthday.  Wish I could once again give her a big hug.

Enjoy all the pieces of your life,


lillianscupboard said...

Both of the table mats are so pretty.

What a nice day - St. Patrick's Day - to celebrate the memory of your mother.

Cathy said...

Love your touch of green. We have so much snow here that the only green I see are in my quilts. Hugs

Kindred Quilts said...

How sweet of you to shed a bit of "Spring" through your post... everyone in the country could use a bit of spring... what a crazy winter it has been... everywhere!

donna said...

Your table toppers are so sweet. It has been so cold this year. Today the sun is out. YEAH!

Amy said...

Wonderful little quilted table mat! I love how the small quilts can be used in so many different ways. I'm having a 4th of July giveaway if you have time to stop by. It's my very first blog giveaway!!

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